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Psalms 88:7 YLT

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Psalms 88:7 YLT

5  Among the dead -- free, As pierced ones lying in the grave, Whom Thou hast not remembered any more, Yea, they by Thy hand have been cut off.

6  Thou hast put me in the lowest pit, In dark places, in depths.

7  Upon me hath Thy fury lain, And 'with' all Thy breakers Thou hast afflicted. Selah.

8  Thou hast put mine acquaintance far from me, Thou hast made me an abomination to them, Shut up -- I go not forth.

9  Mine eye hath grieved because of affliction, I called Thee, O Jehovah, all the day, I have spread out unto Thee my hands.

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