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Ezekiel 31:7 YLT

Ezek 31:7 YLT, Eze 31:7 YLT, Ezk 31:7 YLT, Ezekiel 31 7 YLT

Ezekiel 31:7 YLT

5  Therefore higher hath been his stature than all trees of the field, And multiplied are his boughs, and long are his branches, Because of many waters in his shooting forth,

6  In his boughs made a nest hath every fowl of the heavens, And under his branches brought forth hath every beast of the field, And in his shade dwell do all great nations.

7  And he is fair in his greatness, In the length of his thin shoots, For his root hath been by great waters.

8  Cedars have not hid him in the garden of God, Firs have not been like unto his boughs, And chesnut-trees have not been as his branches, No tree in the garden of God hath been like unto him in his beauty,

9  Fair I have made him in the multitude of his thin shoots, And envy him do all trees of Eden that 'are' in the garden of God.

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