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Num, Nu, Nm, Nb

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The book of Numbers picks up where the book of Exodus left off, with their departure from Sinai to their arrival at the edge of the Promised Land - namely the plains of Moab. The first ten chapters portray the collection of the fighting men of Israel. This group, exceeding numbers of 600,000, speaks loudly of the faithfulness of God as He protected and built a people once facing slavery and extinction. However, the story takes a dismal turn as this 1st generation of Israelites, who experienced such blessing from God, failed miserably in their rebellion.

Nevertheless, the tragedy turns into hope as the 2nd generation is assembled and prepares to conquer the Promised Land. The book of Numbers provides an insightful description of how humans tend to fail spiritually. Conversely, it is a tremendous book of hope and calls every generation of God’s people to embrace a new beginning and trust God.

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