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Revelation - DBY

Rev, Re

The Book of Revelation - DBY

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The Book of Revelation DBY summary

Purpose of The Book of Revelation:
Written to help explain the significance of the kingdom of God and its history. Written in the context of suffering to give hope for future by describing the drama of redemption.

Summary of The Book of Revelation:
Revelation is a Christian prophecy, filled with Old Testament language, written in apocalyptic style and imagery and put into letter form. It deals with the suffering and ultimate salvation of God’s people and reminds that God’s wrath will come upon his enemies. Revelation concludes with a vision of the future restored paradise in the new heavens and the new earth where God’s people will dwell securely in God’s presence forever (22:1-5).

Author and Dates of The Book of Revelation:
Revelation was written between 65-95 A.D. by John (1:1, 4, 9), traditionally identified as the apostle, the son of Zebedee.

Outline of The Book of Revelation:

  1. Christ and the seven lamp stands (ch. 1 - 3).
  2. The seven seals (ch. 4 - 7).
  3. Christ vs. Dragon and his allies (ch. 12 - 14).
  4. The seven bowls of wrath (ch. 15 - 16).
  5. The fall of the dragon’s allies (ch. 17 - 19).
  6. Victory through Christ (ch. 20 - 22).

Themes of The Book of Revelation:
God is sovereign over the course of history.
The Church’s salvation is secure.
The glory of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah.

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