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Micah 2:6 CPDV

Mic 2:6 CPDV, Micah 2 6 CPDV

Micah 2:6 CPDV

4  In that day, a parable will be taken up about you, and a song will be sung with sweetness, saying: 'We have been devastated by depopulation.' The fate of my people has been altered. How can he withdraw from me, when he might be turned back, he who might tear apart our country?

5  Because of this, there will be for you no casting of the cord of fate in the assembly of the Lord.

6  Do not speak by saying, 'It will not drop on these ones; shame will not embrace them.'

7  The house of Jacob says, 'Has the Spirit of the Lord been weakened, or are such things his thoughts?' Are not my words good for him who walks uprightly?

8  But, to the contrary, my people have risen up in opposition. You have lifted the cover from the undergarment, and those who passed by harmlessly, you have converted into war.

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