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Micah 2:6 BBE

Mic 2:6 BBE, Micah 2 6 BBE

Micah 2:6 BBE

4  In that day this saying will be said about you, and this song of grief will be made: The heritage of my people is measured out, and there is no one to give it back; those who have made us prisoners have taken our fields from us, and complete destruction has come to us.

5  For this cause you will have no one to make the decision by the measuring line in the meeting of the Lord.

6  Let not words like these be dropped, they say: Shame and the curse will not come to the family of Jacob!

7  Is the Lord quickly made angry? are these his doings? do not his words do good to his people Israel?

8  As for you, you have become haters of those who were at peace with you: you take the clothing of those who go by without fear, and make them prisoners of war.

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