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Jeremiah 18:16 BBE

Jer 18:16 BBE, Je 18:16 BBE, Jr 18:16 BBE, Jeremiah 18 16 BBE

Jeremiah 18:16 BBE

14  Will the white snow go away from the top of Sirion? will the cold waters flowing from the mountains become dry?

15  For my people have put me out of their memory, burning perfumes to that which is nothing; and because of this, I will put a cause of falling in their ways, even in the old roads, and will make them go on side-roads, in a way not lifted up;

16  Making their land a thing of wonder, causing sounds of surprise for ever; everyone who goes by will be overcome with wonder, shaking his head.

17  I will send them in flight, as from an east wind, before the attacker; I will let them see my back and not my face on the day of their downfall.

18  Then they said, Come, let us make a design against Jeremiah; for teaching will never be cut off from the priest, or wisdom from the wise, or the word from the prophet. Come, let us make use of his words for an attack on him, and let us give attention with care to what he says.

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