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Jeremiah 18:16 YLT

Jer 18:16 YLT, Je 18:16 YLT, Jr 18:16 YLT, Jeremiah 18 16 YLT

Jeremiah 18:16 YLT

14  Doth snow of Lebanon Cease from the rock of the field? Failed are the cold strange waters that flow?

15  But My people have forgotten Me, to a vain thing they make perfume, And they cause them to stumble in their ways -- paths of old, To walk in paths -- a way not raised up,

16  To make their land become a desolation, A hissing age-during, Every passer by it is astonished, And bemoaneth with his head.

17  As an east wind I scatter them before an enemy, The neck, and not the face, I shew them, In the day of their calamity.'

18  And they say, Come, And we devise against Jeremiah devices, For law doth not perish from the priest, Nor counsel from the wise, Nor the word from the prophet, Come, and we smite him with the tongue, And we do not attend to any of his words.

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