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Psalms 63 YLT

Pslm 63 YLT, Ps 63 YLT, Psa 63 YLT, Psm 63 YLT, Pss 63 YLT

Psalms 63 YLT

1 A Psalm of David, in his being in the wilderness of Judah. O God, Thou 'art' my God, earnestly do I seek Thee, Thirsted for Thee hath my soul, Longed for Thee hath my flesh, In a land dry and weary, without waters.

2 So in the sanctuary I have seen Thee, To behold Thy strength and Thine honour.

3 Because better 'is' Thy kindness than life, My lips do praise Thee.

4 So I bless Thee in my life, in Thy name I lift up my hands.

5 As 'with' milk and fatness is my soul satisfied, And 'with' singing lips doth my mouth praise.

6 If I have remembered Thee on my couch, In the watches -- I meditate on Thee.

7 For Thou hast been a help to me, And in the shadow of Thy wings I sing.

8 Cleaved hath my soul after Thee, On me hath Thy right hand taken hold.

9 And they who for desolation seek my soul, Go in to the lower parts of the earth.

10 They cause him to run on the edge of the sword, A portion for foxes they are.

11 And the king doth rejoice in God, Boast himself doth every one swearing by Him, But stopped is the mouth of those speaking lies!

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