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Nehemiah 4:22 YLT

Neh 4:22 YLT, Ne 4:22 YLT, Nehemiah 4 22 YLT

Nehemiah 4:22 YLT

20  in the place that ye hear the voice of the trumpet thither ye are gathered unto us; our God doth fight for us.'

21  And we are working in the business, and half of them are keeping hold of the spears, from the going up of the dawn till the coming forth of the stars.

22  Also, at that time I said to the people, 'Let each with his servant lodge in the midst of Jerusalem, and they have been to us by night a guard, and by day 'for' the work:'

23  and there are none -- I and my brethren and my servants, the men of the guard who 'are' after me -- there are none of us putting off our garments, each 'hath' his vessel of water.

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