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Nahum 2:8 YLT

Nah 2:8 YLT, Na 2:8 YLT, Nahum 2 8 YLT

Nahum 2:8 YLT

6  Gates of the rivers have been opened, And the palace is dissolved.

7  And it is established -- she hath removed, She hath been brought up, And her handmaids are leading as the voice of doves, Tabering on their hearts.

8  And Nineveh 'is' as a pool of waters, From of old it 'is' -- and they are fleeing! 'Stand ye, stand;' and none is turning!

9  Seize ye silver, seize ye gold, And there is no end to the prepared things, 'To' the abundance of all desirable vessels.

10  She is empty, yea, emptiness and waste, And the heart hath melted, And the knees have smitten together, And great pain 'is' in all loins, And the faces of all of them have gathered paleness.

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