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Nahum 2:8 CPDV

Nah 2:8 CPDV, Na 2:8 CPDV, Nahum 2 8 CPDV

Nahum 2:8 CPDV

6  The gates of the rivers have been opened, and the temple has been pulled down to the ground.

7  And the foot soldier has been led away captive, and her handmaids were driven away, mourning like doves, murmuring in their hearts.

8  And Nineveh, her waters are like a fish pond. Yet truly, they have fled away: 'Stand, stand!' But there is no one who will turn back.

9  Despoil the silver, despoil the gold. And there is no end to all the riches of desirable equipment.

10  She has been scattered, and cut, and torn apart. And the heart melts, and the knees buckle, and weakness is in every temperament. And the faces of them all are like a black kettle.

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