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Job 16:12 YLT

Jb 16:12 YLT, Job 16 12 YLT

Job 16:12 YLT

10  They have gaped on me with their mouth, In reproach they have smitten my cheeks, Together against me they set themselves.

11  God shutteth me up unto the perverse, And to the hands of the wicked turneth me over.

12  At ease I have been, and he breaketh me, And he hath laid hold on my neck, And he breaketh me in pieces, And he raiseth me to him for a mark.

13  Go round against me do his archers. He splitteth my reins, and spareth not, He poureth out to the earth my gall.

14  He breaketh me -- breach upon breach, He runneth upon me as a mighty one.

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