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Jeremiah 20:2 YLT

Jer 20:2 YLT, Je 20:2 YLT, Jr 20:2 YLT, Jeremiah 20 2 YLT

Jeremiah 20:2 YLT

1  And Pashhur son of Immer the priest -- who also 'is' overseer, leader in the house of Jehovah -- heareth Jeremiah prophesying these things,

2  and Pashhur smiteth Jeremiah the prophet, and putteth him unto the stocks, that 'are' by the high gate of Benjamin, that 'is' by the house of Jehovah.

3  and it cometh to pass on the morrow, that Pashhur bringeth out Jeremiah from the stocks, and Jeremiah saith unto him, 'Not Pashhur hath Jehovah called thy name, but -- Magor-Missabib.

4  For thus said Jehovah: Lo, I am making thee for a fear to thyself, And to all loving thee, And they have fallen by the sword of their enemies, and thine eyes are beholding, And all Judah I give into the hand of the king of Babylon, And he hath removed them to Babylon, And he hath smitten them with the sword.

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