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Jeremiah 20:2 CPDV

Jer 20:2 CPDV, Je 20:2 CPDV, Jr 20:2 CPDV, Jeremiah 20 2 CPDV

Jeremiah 20:2 CPDV

1  And Pashhur, the son of Immer, the priest who had been appointed leader in the house of the Lord, heard Jeremiah prophesying these words.

2  And Pashhur struck the prophet Jeremiah, and he sent him to the stocks, which were at the upper gate of Benjamin at the house of the Lord.

3  And when it had become light on the next day, Pashhur led Jeremiah from the stocks. And Jeremiah said to him: 'The Lord has not called your name: 'Pashhur,' but instead: 'Fear all around.'

4  For thus says the Lord: 'Behold, I will give you over to fear, you and all your friends, and they will fall by the sword of their enemies, and your eyes will see it. And I will give all of Judah into the hand of the king of Babylon. And he will lead them away to Babylon, and he will strike them with the sword.

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