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Esther 7:2 YLT

Esth 7:2 YLT, Es 7:2 YLT, Esther 7 2 YLT

Esther 7:2 YLT

1  And the king cometh in, and Haman, to drink with Esther the queen,

2  and the king saith to Esther also on the second day, during the banquet of wine, 'What 'is' thy petition, Esther, O queen? and it is given to thee; and what thy request? unto the half of the kingdom -- and it is done.'

3  And Esther the queen answereth and saith, 'If I have found grace in thine eyes, O king, and if to the king 'it be' good, let my life be given to me at my petition, and my people at my request;

4  for we have been sold, I and my people, to cut off, to slay, and to destroy; and if for men-servants and for maid-servants we had been sold I had kept silent -- but the adversity is not equal to the loss of the king.'

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