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Esther 7:2 BBE

Esth 7:2 BBE, Es 7:2 BBE, Esther 7 2 BBE

Esther 7:2 BBE

1  So the king and Haman came to take wine with Esther the queen.

2  And the king said to Esther again on the second day, while they were drinking, What is your prayer, Queen Esther? for it will be given to you; and what is your request? for it will be done, even to the half of my kingdom.

3  Then Esther the queen, answering, said, If I have your approval, O king, and if it is the king's pleasure, let my life be given to me in answer to my prayer, and my people at my request:

4  For we are given up, I and my people, to destruction and death and to be cut off. If we had been taken as men-servants and women-servants for a price, I would have said nothing, for our trouble is little in comparison with the king's loss.

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