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Esther 4:9 YLT

Esth 4:9 YLT, Es 4:9 YLT, Esther 4 9 YLT

Esther 4:9 YLT

7  and Mordecai declareth to him all that hath met him, and the explanation of the money that Haman said to weigh to the treasuries of the king for the Jews, to destroy them,

8  and the copy of the writing of the law that had been given in Shushan to destroy them he hath given to him, to shew Esther, and to declare 'it' to her, and to lay a charge on her to go in unto the king, to make supplication to him, and to seek from before him, for her people.

9  And Hatach cometh in and declareth to Esther the words of Mordecai,

10  and Esther speaketh to Hatach, and chargeth him for Mordecai:

11  'All servants of the king, and people of the provinces of the king, do know that any man and woman, who cometh in unto the king, unto the inner court, who is not called -- one law 'of' his 'is' to put 'them' to death, apart from him to whom the king holdeth out the golden sceptre, then he hath lived; and I -- I have not been called to come in unto the king these thirty days.'

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