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Esther 4:9 BBE

Esth 4:9 BBE, Es 4:9 BBE, Esther 4 9 BBE

Esther 4:9 BBE

7  And Mordecai gave him an account of what had taken place, and of the amount of money which Haman had said he would put into the king's store for the destruction of the Jews.

8  And he gave him the copy of the order which had been given out in Shushan for their destruction, ordering him to let Esther see it, and to make it clear to her; and to say to her that she was to go in to the king, requesting his mercy, and making prayer for her people.

9  And Hathach came back and gave Esther an account of what Mordecai had said.

10  Then Esther sent Hathach to say to Mordecai:

11  It is common knowledge among all the king's servants and the people of every part of the kingdom, that if anyone, man or woman, comes to the king in his inner room without being sent for, there is only one law for him, that he is to be put to death; only those to whom the king's rod of gold is stretched out may keep their lives: but I have not been sent for to come before the king these thirty days.

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