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Esther 4:6 YLT

Esth 4:6 YLT, Es 4:6 YLT, Esther 4 6 YLT

Esther 4:6 YLT

4  And young women of Esther come in and her eunuchs, and declare 'it' to her, and the queen is exceedingly pained, and sendeth garments to clothe Mordecai, and to turn aside his sackcloth from off him, and he hath not received 'them'.

5  And Esther calleth to Hatach, of the eunuchs of the king, whom he hath stationed before her, and giveth him a charge for Mordecai, to know what this 'is', and wherefore this 'is'.

6  And Hatach goeth out unto Mordecai, unto a broad place of the city, that 'is' before the gate of the king,

7  and Mordecai declareth to him all that hath met him, and the explanation of the money that Haman said to weigh to the treasuries of the king for the Jews, to destroy them,

8  and the copy of the writing of the law that had been given in Shushan to destroy them he hath given to him, to shew Esther, and to declare 'it' to her, and to lay a charge on her to go in unto the king, to make supplication to him, and to seek from before him, for her people.

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