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1 Kings 19:15 YLT

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1 Kings 19:15 YLT

13  and it cometh to pass, at Elijah's hearing 'it', that he wrappeth his face in his robe, and goeth out, and standeth at the opening of the cave, and lo, unto him 'is' a voice, and it saith, 'What -- to thee, here, Elijah?'

14  And he saith, 'I have been very zealous for Jehovah, God of Hosts; for the sons of Israel have forsaken Thy covenant, Thine altars they have thrown down, and Thy prophets they have slain by the sword, and I am left, I, by myself, and they seek my life -- to take it.'

15  And Jehovah saith unto him, 'Go turn back on thy way to the wilderness of Damascus, and thou hast gone in, and anointed Hazael for king over Aram,

16  and Jehu son of Nimshi thou dost anoint for king over Israel, and Elisha son of Shaphat, of Abel-Meholah, thou dost anoint for prophet in thy stead.

17  'And it hath been, him who is escaped from the sword of Hazael, put to death doth Jehu, and him who is escaped from the sword of Jehu put to death doth Elisha;

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