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Hosea - WBT

Hos, Ho

The Book of Hosea - WBT

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The Book of Hosea WBT summary

Purpose of The Book of Hosea:
Judah may receive God’s judgment as Israel did, but Judah should still never lose hope of full restoration of God’s people. To illustrate God's unfailing love to his people even in the midst of their faithlessness.

Major Characters of The Book of Hosea:
Judah, Hosea.

Summary of The Book of Hosea:
Hosea ministered to the Northern Kingdom of Israel during a time when a long season of prosperity and peace was coming to an end. Jeroboam II was succeeded by a number of short-lived and inept rulers, and foreign nations were beginning to encroach on Israel's freedom. Rather than depending on God, they sought out alliances with pagan kings to provide themselves with safety and security, and Hosea speaks out against their hasty abandonment of God's commands and promises. Even so, he continues to reassure them that God is faithful to them even in their faithlessness.

Author and Dates of The Book of Hosea:
Hosea ministered during the early years after Israel became a divided kingdom, with Jeroboam II ruling in the North and Uzziah (and later Hezekiah) ruling in the South. This dates his ministry somewhere around 750-700 BC.

Outline of The Book of Hosea:

  1. Marriage Metaphor: The Symbolic experience (ch. 1 - 3).
    • Judah should learn, from Hosea’s experience, God’s justice against infidelity. But they should have hope in God’s tender love.
  2. Unfaithfulness: Sin and Forgiveness(ch. 4 - 9:9).
    • Israel’s Unfaithfulness (4:1 - 6:3) God executed justice just like God warned against Israel. But there is hope for restoration.
    • Israel’s Punishment: Prophetic Historical Reflections (6:4 - 10:15) Judah should learn by comparison with Israel’s past how severely God judges, but also how God loves.
  3. God’s Faithful Love (ch. 11:1 - 14:8).
  4. Call to consider (ch. 14:9).
    • Judah should contemplate how Israel’s experience warns and encourages them to be faithful.

Themes of The Book of Hosea:
Hosea dramatically illustrates how committed God is to His people despite their lack of commitment to Him, and His strong desire to bring them back into right relationship with Him. He describes Israel's relationship to God both as a Wife to her Husband and as a Child to his/her Father. Hosea emphasizes God’s unfailing love for his people, even when he must punish them for their faithlessness. Hosea also lays out the prospect of hope beyond the judgment.

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