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Listen to Judges 1

Listen to Judg 1, Jdg 1, Jg 1, Jdgs 1

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of the Book of Judges, KJV

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Below you will find few chosen verses from the above audiobook of the Book of Judges Chapter 1 of King James Version of Holy Bible. If you would like to read this whole Chapter, or any others, please click the button below the verses.

24 And the spies saw a man come forth out of the city, and they said unto him, Show us, we pray thee, the entrance into the city, and we will show thee mercy.
25 And when he showed them the entrance into the city, they smote the city with the edge of the sword; but they let go the man and all his family.
26 And the man went into the land of the Hittites, and built a city, and called the name thereof Luz: which is the name thereof unto this day.

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