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Judg, Jdg, Jg, Jdgs

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The book of Judges is a fascinating collection of stories containing humor, tragedy, and irony. Following the successful endeavors of Joshua, the next generations are faced with the challenge of continuing the acquisition of the Promised Land. But in contrast to the faithfulness that marked Joshua’s generation, the present Israelites proved far more fickle. Several narratives are strung together with a rich diversity of characters.

Each story is comical and tragic. Despite God’s abiding presence and faithfulness, the Israelites choose to abandon God’s ways and seek their own desires. Each narrative records the great consequences of their actions and their plea to God for help. Revealing their folly and faithlessness, God continually rescued Israel from their self-afflicted plight.

Two central lessons are found in the book of Judges: First, the welfare of the nation depended directly on a knowledge of God’s will, the Torah; Second, God would punish his people for their unfaithfulness to his covenant.

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