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Gen, Ge, Gn

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Genesis is the story of the creation, of human disobedience and its tragic consequences, and of God’s choosing Abraham and his offspring - the beginning of the story of redemption. The book of Genesis is the recording of two significant histories. The primeval history (chapters 1-11) poetically describes the earliest chapters of humanity: creation, the fall, the spread of sin and judgment, and the introduction of salvation by the grace of God. The second history (chapters 12-50) records the growth of God’s people and presents their faithfulness and failures. This history ends with God’s people residing in Egypt at the time of Joseph.

Genesis begins the biblical story with God as Creator, human beings as created in God’s image but fallen, and God’s response through a redemptive creation of a chosen people-and doing so through all kinds of circumstances and despite their faults. The Genesis narratives go to great lengths to show that God alone would ultimately fulfill his covenant promises.

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