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1 Cor, 1 Co, I Co, 1Co, I Cor, 1Cor, I Corinthians, 1Corinthians, 1st Corinthians, First Corinthians

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The letter was probably written circa A.D. 54-56 from Ephesus during Paul’s third missionary journey. Paul wrote to the church in the city of Corinth, the capital city of the Roman province Achaia. Paul had planted this church during his second missionary journey only a few years earlier. The original audience in Corinth contained members from all levels of society, but consisted mostly of people who were neither rich, wise, nor of noble birth. The original audience had sat under the ministry of Paul, Apollos, and Peter. Subsequent to the ministries of Paul, Apollos, and Peter, the Corinthian church had begun to place improper value on worldly wisdom, including Greek philosophy. Paul wrote the letter largely to discuss the problems he saw in the Corinthian church, although he also included praise for certain things the church was doing well.

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