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Nahum 2:7 CPDV

Nah 2:7 CPDV, Na 2:7 CPDV, Nahum 2 7 CPDV

Nahum 2:7 CPDV

5  He will call to mind his strong ones; they will destroy along their journey. They will quickly ascend its walls, and a shelter will be prepared.

6  The gates of the rivers have been opened, and the temple has been pulled down to the ground.

7  And the foot soldier has been led away captive, and her handmaids were driven away, mourning like doves, murmuring in their hearts.

8  And Nineveh, her waters are like a fish pond. Yet truly, they have fled away: 'Stand, stand!' But there is no one who will turn back.

9  Despoil the silver, despoil the gold. And there is no end to all the riches of desirable equipment.

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