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Joshua - CPDV

Josh, Jos, Jsh

The Book of Joshua - CPDV

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The Book of Joshua CPDV summary

Purpose of The Book of Joshua:
To teach Israel how to live in the land that God has given them.

Major Characters of The Book of Joshua:
God and Joshua

Summary of The Book of Joshua:
The book of Joshua shows that the Lord did fulfill his promises to Abraham (Gen. 13:15) and Moses (Ex. 3:8) in giving Israel the Promised Land. Thus, this book is a lesson on the faithfulness of God and his promises (cf. 21:43-45; 23:14). At the same time, the book of Joshua sets the stage for the beginning of a new era in God’s dealing with his people-namely, the history of Israel’s failure to trust God and live up to their covenant obligations as his people (cf. 23:15-16). This had been characteristic of Israel in the past as recorded in the Pentateuch and this characterizes the historical books that follow.

Author and Dates of The Book of Joshua:
The book of Joshua is named for its leading character. The book's author, however, is not explicitly mentioned. A number of features point to a date of origin in the late second millennium B.C.

Outline of The Book of Joshua:

  1. The promised land conquered (ch. 1-12)
    • Jericho taken and cursed. Rahab spared (ch. 6)
  2. The promised land distributed (ch. 13-22)
  3. The promised land to be kept in covenant obedience (ch. 23-24)

Themes of The Book of Joshua:
The partial conquest, distribution, and settlement of the promised land.
The dangers of idolatry.
Israel’s need for continuing covenant faithfulness to the one true God.

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