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Jeremiah 15:11 CPDV

Jer 15:11 CPDV, Je 15:11 CPDV, Jr 15:11 CPDV, Jeremiah 15 11 CPDV

Jeremiah 15:11 CPDV

9  She who gave birth to seven has become weak. Her life has faded away. Her sun has set while it was still daytime. She has been confounded and shamed. And the remainder of them I will give over to the sword in the sight of their enemies, says the Lord.'

10  'O my mother, woe to me! Why did you conceive me, a man of strife, a man of discord to all the earth? I have not lent money at interest, nor has anyone lent money at interest to me. Yet everyone is cursing me.'

11  The Lord says: 'Certainly, it will be well with your remnant. Certainly, I will run to meet you, in the time of affliction and in the time of tribulation, against the enemy.

12  But how can iron be joined with the iron from the north or with brass?

13  Your riches and your treasures I will give over to be freely despoiled, because of all your sins, even throughout all your borders.

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