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Jeremiah 15:11 YLT

Jer 15:11 YLT, Je 15:11 YLT, Jr 15:11 YLT, Jeremiah 15 11 YLT

Jeremiah 15:11 YLT

9  Languished hath the bearer of seven, She hath breathed out her spirit, Gone in hath her sun while yet day, It hath been ashamed and confounded, And their residue to the sword I give up before their enemies, An affirmation of Jehovah.

10  Wo to me, my mother, For thou hast borne me a man of strife, And a man of contention to all the land, I have not lent on usury, Nor have they lent on usury to me -- All of them are reviling me.

11  Jehovah said, Did I not direct thee for good? Did not I intercede for thee in a time of evil, And in a time of adversity, with the enemy?

12  Doth one break iron -- northern iron, and brass?

13  Thy strength and thy treasures For a prey I do give -- not for price, Even for all thy sins, and in all thy borders.

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