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Isaiah 58:7 CPDV

Isa 58:7 CPDV, Is 58:7 CPDV, Isaiah 58 7 CPDV

Isaiah 58:7 CPDV

5  Is this a fast such as I have chosen: for a man to afflict his soul for a day, to contort his head in a circle, and to spread sackcloth and ashes? Should you call this a fast and a day acceptable to the Lord?

6  Is not this, instead, the kind of fast that I have chosen? Release the constraints of impiety; relieve the burdens that oppress; freely forgive those who are broken; and break apart every burden.

7  Break your bread with the hungry, and lead the destitute and the homeless into your house. When you see someone naked, cover him, and do not despise your own flesh.

8  Then your light will break forth like the morning, and your health will improve quickly, and your justice will go before your face, and the glory of the Lord will gather you up.

9  Then you will call, and the Lord will heed; you will cry out, and he will say, 'Here I am,' if you take away the chains from your midst, and cease to point your finger and to speak what is not beneficial.

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