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Zechariah 11:3 BBE

Zech 11:3 BBE, Zec 11:3 BBE, Zc 11:3 BBE, Zechariah 11 3 BBE

Zechariah 11:3 BBE

1  Let your doors be open, O Lebanon, so that fire may be burning among your cedars.

2  Give a cry of grief, O fir-tree, for the fall of the cedar, because the great ones have been made low: give cries of grief, O you oaks of Bashan, for the strong trees of the wood have come down.

3  The sound of the crying of the keepers of the flock! for their glory is made waste: the sound of the loud crying of the young lions! for the pride of Jordan is made waste.

4  This is what the Lord my God has said: Take care of the flock of death;

5  Whose owners put them to death and have no sense of sin; and those who get a price for them say, May the Lord be praised for I have much wealth: and the keepers of the flock have no pity for them.

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