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Jeremiah 22:5 BBE

Jer 22:5 BBE, Je 22:5 BBE, Jr 22:5 BBE, Jeremiah 22 5 BBE

Jeremiah 22:5 BBE

3  This is what the Lord has said: Do what is right, judging uprightly, and make free from the hands of the cruel one him whose goods have been violently taken away: do no wrong and be not violent to the man from a strange country and the child without a father and the widow, and let not those who have done no wrong be put to death in this place.

4  For if you truly do this, then there will come in through the doors of this house kings seated on the seat of David, going in carriages and on horseback, he and his servants and his people

5  But if you do not give ear to these words, I give you my oath by myself, says the Lord, that this house will become a waste.

6  For this is what the Lord has said about the family of the king of Judah: You are Gilead to me, and the top of Lebanon: but, truly, I will make you waste, with towns unpeopled.

7  And I will make ready those who will send destruction on you, everyone armed for war: by them your best cedar-trees will be cut down and put in the fire.

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