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Hosea 4:7 BBE

Hos 4:7 BBE, Ho 4:7 BBE, Hosea 4 7 BBE

Hosea 4:7 BBE

5  You will not be able to keep on your feet by day, and by night the prophet will be falling down with you, and I will give your mother to destruction.

6  Destruction has overtaken my people because they have no knowledge; because you have given up knowledge, I will give you up, so that you will be no priest to me, because you have not kept in mind the law of your God, I will not keep your children in my memory.

7  Even while they were increasing in number they were sinning against me; I will let their glory be changed into shame.

8  The sin of my people is like food to them; and their desire is for their wrongdoing.

9  And the priest will be like the people; I will give them punishment for their evil ways, and the reward of their acts.

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