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Daniel 10:9 BBE

Dan 10:9 BBE, Da 10:9 BBE, Dn 10:9 BBE, Daniel 10 9 BBE

Daniel 10:9 BBE

7  And I, Daniel, was the only one who saw the vision, for the men who were with me did not see it; but a great shaking came on them and they went in flight to take cover.

8  So I was by myself, and I saw this great vision, and all my strength went from me; and the colour went from my face.

9  But the sound of his words came to my ears, and on hearing his voice I went into a deep sleep with my face to the earth.

10  Then a hand gave me a touch, awaking me, and putting me on my knees and my hands.

11  And he said to me, O Daniel, you man dearly loved, take in the sense of the words I say to you and get up on to your feet: for to you I am now sent; and when he had said this to me I got on to my feet, shaking with fear.

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