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Daniel 10:9 YLT

Dan 10:9 YLT, Da 10:9 YLT, Dn 10:9 YLT, Daniel 10 9 YLT

Daniel 10:9 YLT

7  'And I have seen -- I, Daniel, by myself -- the appearance: and the men who have been with me have not seen the appearance, but a great trembling hath fallen on them, and they flee to be hidden;

8  and I have been left by myself, and I see this great appearance, and there hath been no power left in me, and my honour hath been turned in me to corruption, yea, I have not retained power.

9  'And I hear the voice of his words, and when I hear the voice of his words, then I have been in a trance on my face, and my face 'is' to the earth;

10  and lo, a hand hath come against me, and shaketh me on my knees and the palms of my hands.

11  'And he saith unto me: Daniel, man greatly desired, attend to the words that I am speaking unto thee, and stand on thy station, for now I have been sent unto thee. 'And when he speaketh with me this word, I have stood trembling.

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