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1 Samuel - BBE

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The Book of 1 Samuel - BBE

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The Book of 1 Samuel BBE summary

Purpose of The Book of 1 Samuel:
Both books of Samuel are supposed to teach Israel that they should hope in the Davidic line, despite the trouble caused by David’s shortcomings. To instruct the readers to trust in God’s anointed leaders, despite apparent shortcomings, as they develop their own heart for God.

Summary of The Book of 1 Samuel:
The book of Samuel tells the story of Israel’s transition from Judges’ rule to kingship. Samuel, the great prophet, plays a key role as God’s messenger and leader. Samuel anoints Saul as the first king of Israel but his life is characterized by fear and failure. The need for a king "after God’s own heart" becomes apparent and is eventually satisfied by David.

The book provides the most comprehensive account of David’s life, both his victories and struggles, politically as well as personally. David’s trust and reliance upon God define his rise to the throne. However his sin complicates his reign as difficulties are experienced in his relationships that threaten to undo him. The book calls for a complete trust in David as well as his royal line, a call that comes directly from God as he promised to deliver His people through such a figure. But it also warns of the conflict, pain, and loss that follows sin and disobedience.

The book of Samuel takes God’s story into the monarchy, especially by means of the story of King David, a man of faith even while a man of weakness. God’s covenant with David is fulfilled finally in the ultimate Son of David, Jesus of Nazareth.

Major Characters of The Book of 1 Samuel:
Samuel, Saul, David, Jonathon, Bathsheba, Joab, Absalom and Nathan.

Author and Dates of The Book of 1 Samuel:
Samuel records events that took place sometime between 1100 B.C. and 970 B.C. The final form of the book did not take shape until after Solomon’s reign 940 BC and could have undergone revision as late as the exile (586 B.C.).

Outline of The Book of 1 Samuel:

  1. The role of Samuel: Foundation of the Kingdom (1 Sam 1-1 Sam 7).
  2. The Failures of Saul’s Kingdom (1 Sam 8-1 Sam 15).
  3. David’s kingdom (1 Sam 16 - 2 Sam 20).
    • David’s ascent to the throne (1 Sam 17 - 2 Sam 4)
    • David’s kingship and its glory and accomplishments (2 Sam 5-9)
    • David’s kingship and its weakness and failure (2 Sam 10-20)
  4. Future of the Kingdom (2 Sam 21- 2 Sam 24)
    • Final reflections on David’s reign

Themes of The Book of 1 Samuel:
Kingship - God’s People are to be led by a king.
Loyalty - Trusting the Davidic line.
Retribution - Blessings and curses for acts of obedience and disobedience.
God’s Presence - God dwelling among his people – the Ark of the Covenant, Jerusalem, with his people.

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