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Zechariah 7:14 YLT

Zech 7:14 YLT, Zec 7:14 YLT, Zc 7:14 YLT, Zechariah 7 14 YLT

Zechariah 7:14 YLT

12  And their heart they have made adamant, Against hearing the law, and the words, That Jehovah of Hosts sent by His Spirit, By the hand of the former prophets, And their is great wrath from Jehovah of Hosts.

13  And it cometh to pass, as He called, And they have not hearkened, So do they call, and I do not hearken, Said Jehovah of Hosts.

14  And I toss them on all the nations, That they have not known, The land hath been desolate behind them, Of any passing by and turning back, And they set a desirable land for a desolation!

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