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Zechariah 12:7 YLT

Zech 12:7 YLT, Zec 12:7 YLT, Zc 12:7 YLT, Zechariah 12 7 YLT

Zechariah 12:7 YLT

5  And leaders of Judah have said in their heart, 'Strength to me 'are' the inhabitants of Jerusalem, In Jehovah of Hosts their God.'

6  In that day I make the leaders of Judah As a hearth of fire among trees, And as a torch of fire in a sheaf, And they have consumed -- on the right and on the left -- all the peoples round about, And Jerusalem hath inhabited again her place in Jerusalem.

7  And saved hath Jehovah the tents of Judah first, So that become not great against Judah Doth the beauty of the house of David, And the beauty of the inhabitant of Jerusalem.

8  In that day cover over doth Jehovah the inhabitant of Jerusalem, And the stumbling among them hath been in that day as David, And the house of David as God -- As a messenger of Jehovah -- before them.

9  And it hath come to pass, in that day, I seek to destroy all the nations Who are coming in against Jerusalem,

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