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Zechariah 11:16 YLT

Zech 11:16 YLT, Zec 11:16 YLT, Zc 11:16 YLT, Zechariah 11 16 YLT

Zechariah 11:16 YLT

14  And I cut asunder my second staff, Bands, to break the unity between Judah and Israel.

15  And Jehovah saith unto me, 'Again take to thee the instrument of a foolish shepherd.

16  For lo, I am raising up a shepherd in the land, The cut off he doth not inspect, The shaken off he doth not seek, And the broken he doth not heal, The standing he doth not sustain, And the flesh of the fat he doth eat, And their hoofs he doth break off.

17  Wo 'to' the worthless shepherd, forsaking the flock, A sword 'is' on his arm, and on his right eye, His arm is utterly dried up, And his right eye is very dim!'

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