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Zechariah 10:4 YLT

Zech 10:4 YLT, Zec 10:4 YLT, Zc 10:4 YLT, Zechariah 10 4 YLT

Zechariah 10:4 YLT

2  Because the teraphim did speak iniquity, And the diviners have seen a falsehood, And dreams of the vanity they speak, 'With' vanity they give comfort, Therefore they have journeyed as a flock, They are afflicted, for there is no shepherd.

3  Against the shepherds did Mine anger burn, And against the he-goats I lay a charge, For inspected hath Jehovah of Hosts His flock, the house of Judah, And set them as His beauteous horse in battle.

4  From him 'is' a corner-stone, From him a nail, from him a battle-bow, From him goeth forth every exactor together.

5  And they have been as heroes, Treading in mire of out-places in battle, And they have fought, for Jehovah 'is' with them, And have put to shame riders of horses.

6  And I have made mighty the house of Judah, And the house of Joseph I do save, And I have caused them to dwell, for I have loved them, And they have been as 'if' I had not cast them off, For I 'am' Jehovah their God, And I answer them.

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