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Revelation 11:2 YLT

Rev 11:2 YLT, Re 11:2 YLT, The Revelation 11 2 YLT, Revelation 11 2 YLT

Revelation 11:2 YLT

1  And there was given to me a reed like to a rod, and the messenger stood, saying, 'Rise, and measure the sanctuary of God, and the altar, and those worshipping in it;

2  and the court that is without the sanctuary leave out, and thou mayest not measure it, because it was given to the nations, and the holy city they shall tread down forty-two months;

3  and I will give to My two witnesses, and they shall prophesy days, a thousand, two hundred, sixty, arrayed with sackcloth;

4  these are the two olive 'trees', and the two lamp-stands that before the God of the earth do stand;

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