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Psalms 8 YLT

Pslm 8 YLT, Ps 8 YLT, Psa 8 YLT, Psm 8 YLT, Pss 8 YLT

Psalms 8 YLT

1 To the Overseer, 'On the Gittith.' A Psalm of David. Jehovah, our Lord, How honourable Thy name in all the earth! Who settest thine honour on the heavens.

2 From the mouths of infants and sucklings Thou hast founded strength, Because of Thine adversaries, To still an enemy and a self-avenger.

3 For I see Thy heavens, a work of Thy fingers, Moon and stars that Thou didst establish.

4 What 'is' man that Thou rememberest him? The son of man that Thou inspectest him?

5 And causest him to lack a little of Godhead, And with honour and majesty compassest him.

6 Thou dost cause him to rule Over the works of Thy hands, All Thou hast placed under his feet.

7 Sheep and oxen, all of them, And also beasts of the field,

8 Bird of the heavens, and fish of the sea, Passing through the paths of the seas!

9 Jehovah, our Lord, How honourable Thy name in all the earth!

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