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Psalms 56:5 YLT

Pslm 56:5 YLT, Ps 56:5 YLT, Psa 56:5 YLT, Psm 56:5 YLT, Pss 56:5 YLT, Psalms 56 5 YLT, Psalm 56 5 YLT

Psalms 56:5 YLT

3  The day I am afraid I am confident toward Thee.

4  In God I praise His word, in God I have trusted, I fear not what flesh doth to me.

5  All the day they wrest my words, Concerning me all their thoughts 'are' for evil,

6  They assemble, they hide, they watch my heels, When they have expected my soul.

7  By iniquity they escape, In anger the peoples put down, O God.

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