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Numbers 19:10 YLT

Num 19:10 YLT, Nu 19:10 YLT, Nm 19:10 YLT, Nb 19:10 YLT, Numbers 19 10 YLT

Numbers 19:10 YLT

8  and he who is burning it doth wash his garments with water, and hath bathed his flesh with water, and is unclean till the evening.

9  'And a clean man hath gathered the ashes of the cow, and hath placed at the outside of the camp, in a clean place, and it hath become to the company of the sons of Israel a charge for waters of separation -- it 'is' a 'cleansing';

10  and he who is gathering the ashes of the heifer hath washed his garments, and is unclean till the evening; and it hath been to the sons of Israel, and to the sojourner who is sojourning in their midst, for a statute age-during.

11  'He who is coming against the dead body of any man -- is unclean seven days;

12  he doth cleanse himself for it on the third day, and on the seventh day he is clean; and if he cleanse not himself on the third day, then on the seventh day he is not clean.

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