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Nehemiah 6:14 YLT

Neh 6:14 YLT, Ne 6:14 YLT, Nehemiah 6 14 YLT

Nehemiah 6:14 YLT

12  And I discern, and lo, God hath not sent him, for in the prophecy he hath spoken unto me both Tobiah and Sanballat hired him,

13  so that he 'is' an hireling, that I may fear and do so, and I had sinned, and it had been to them for an evil name that they may reproach me.

14  Be mindful, O my God, of Tobiah, and of Sanballat, according to these his works, and also, of Noadiah the prophetess, and of the rest of the prophets who have been making me afraid.

15  And the wall is completed in the twenty and fifth of Elul, on the fifty and second day;

16  and it cometh to pass, when all our enemies have heard, and all the nations who are round about us see, that they fall greatly in their own eyes, and know that by our God hath this work been done.

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