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Nehemiah 5:7 YLT

Neh 5:7 YLT, Ne 5:7 YLT, Nehemiah 5 7 YLT

Nehemiah 5:7 YLT

5  and now, as the flesh of our brethren 'is' our flesh, as their sons 'are' our sons, and lo, we are subduing our sons and our daughters for servants, and there are of our daughters subdued, and our hand hath no might, and our fields and our vineyards 'are' to others.'

6  And it is very displeasing to me when I have heard their cry and these words,

7  and my heart reigneth over me, and I strive with the freemen, and with the prefects, and say to them, 'Usury one upon another ye are exacting;' and I set against them a great assembly,

8  and say to them, 'We have acquired our brethren the Jews, those sold to the nations, according to the ability that 'is' in us, and ye also sell your brethren, and they have been sold to us!' and they are silent, and have not found a word.

9  And I say, 'Not good 'is' the thing that ye are doing; in the fear of our God do ye not walk, because of the reproach of the nations our enemies?

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