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Nehemiah 5:3 YLT

Neh 5:3 YLT, Ne 5:3 YLT, Nehemiah 5 3 YLT

Nehemiah 5:3 YLT

1  And there is a great cry of the people and their wives, concerning their brethren the Jews,

2  yea, there are who are saying, 'Our sons, and our daughters, we -- are many, and we receive corn, and eat, and live.'

3  And there are who are saying, 'Our fields, and our vineyards, and our houses, we are pledging, and we receive corn for the famine.'

4  And there are who are saying, 'We have borrowed money for the tribute of the king, 'on' our fields, and our vineyards;

5  and now, as the flesh of our brethren 'is' our flesh, as their sons 'are' our sons, and lo, we are subduing our sons and our daughters for servants, and there are of our daughters subdued, and our hand hath no might, and our fields and our vineyards 'are' to others.'

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