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Nehemiah 5:18 YLT

Neh 5:18 YLT, Ne 5:18 YLT, Nehemiah 5 18 YLT

Nehemiah 5:18 YLT

16  And also, in the work of this wall I have done mightily, even a field we have not bought, and all my servants are gathered there for the work;

17  and of the Jews, and of the prefects, a hundred and fifty men, and those coming in unto us of the nations that 'are' round about us, 'are' at my table;

18  and that which hath been prepared for one day 'is' one ox, six fat sheep, also fowls have been prepared for me, and once in ten days of all wines abundantly, and with this, the bread of the governor I have not sought, for heavy is the service on this people.

19  Remember for me, O my God, for good, all that I have done for this people.

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