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Micah 3:2 YLT

Mic 3:2 YLT, Micah 3 2 YLT

Micah 3:2 YLT

1  And I say, 'Hear, I pray you, heads of Jacob, And ye judges of the house of Israel, Is it not for you to know the judgment?

2  Ye who are hating good, and loving evil, Taking violently their skin from off them, And their flesh from off their bones,

3  And who have eaten the flesh of My people, And their skin from off them have stript, And their bones they have broken, And they have spread 'them' out as in a pot, And as flesh in the midst of a caldron.

4  Then do they cry unto Jehovah, And He doth not answer them, And hideth His face from them at that time, As they have made evil their doings.

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